Automatic soap dispenser wall mounted for commercial use

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Why do you need hand sanitizer for washing your hands?

Simply washing your hands with water will not completely remove bacteria and viruses from your hands. Although clean water can wash away some bacteria and viruses, it cannot achieve a thorough cleaning effect.

Many viruses and bacteria are somewhat resistant to surviving in moist environments, so washing your hands with water alone may not completely remove these microorganisms. For example, influenza virus, norovirus, etc. all have strong survivability.

Some bacteria and viruses may be hidden in small cracks on the hands or under the nails, and simple water washing may not reach these areas and therefore cannot be completely removed.


So this is why we need hand sanitizer.


Hand sanitizer can effectively remove dirt, grease, bacteria and viruses from your hands and protect your health. At the same time, its ingredients such as pure glycerin, aloe vera, sea buckthorn oil and vitamin C and other natural plant ingredients have moisturizing and protective effects on the skin.

Surfactants and other antibacterial ingredients in hand sanitizer can effectively kill or inhibit a variety of pathogenic microorganisms, such as Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, etc., thereby helping to prevent diseases.

Hand sanitizer often needs to be refilled and pressed with hands. If the amount is small, it will be difficult to press it out. Come try the new product produced by interhasa, Automatic hand soap dispenser wall mount with 1000ML.


Smart Sensor:This hands free soap dispenser is made of durable ABS plastic material to provide long-lasting strength and use. 

Spray or Liquid/Gel Nozzle:Spray nozzle dispenser supports 75% Alcohol hand sanitizer.

Large Capacity & Locking design:This hand sanitizer dispenser has 1000ml large capacity to reduce maintenance.

Powered by AC adapter & Battery:This automatic hand sanitizer dispenser has build-in ON/ OFF button , can support 4pcs C type battery, or AC adapter charger

Wall Mounted & Easy Install:This decorative wall mounted auto soap dispenser not only suitable for industrial, office also perfect for home bathroom kitchen. 

Large Capacity:This hand sanitizer dispenser has 1000ml large capacity to reduce maintenance. 

Hand Soap dispenser Wall Mount, 1000ml Spray Alcohol Automatic Soap Dispenser ,It is suitable for multiple locations, such as: Offices, Schools, Warehouses, Hospitals, Food Service Facilities, etc.If you are interested in this, please contact us as soon as possible. The contact information is at the bottom of the page. Thank you for reading.


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