Automatic blade hand dryer with hepa filter and two sides air outlet

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Fashionable, high-tech and good quality, interhasa Electric hand dryer is officially launched!

In today's era, there are many high-rise buildings, and large shopping malls, hospitals, schools and other public buildings are springing up like mushrooms after a rain.

Places with many people mean more bacteria and more sources of infection, but these are unavoidable. This is also part of urban life, so we must maintain hygiene, especially in public toilets and other places. We must learn to Correct way to wash your hands.

Even though hand sanitizer can eliminate 99% of E. coli, are you sure that the way you dry your hands will not allow bacteria accumulated in public places to return to your hands?

Electric hand dryer with hepa filter mede by interhasa,it will take hand hygiene for you and your customers to the next level and I will describe to you why you need a Commercial Hand Dryer like this:


Unique Sleek Design:his compact hand air dryer is made of durable abs material.

HEPA Filters:Hand dryer machine with build-in high quality HEPA filter is more hygienic. 

Two Sides Air Outlet Design:Two sides air input & output can largely improve the airflow, 1050w powerful motor, 22000r/min, air speed 90m/s, 8~10s fast hand drying. 

Sensitive Infrared Ray Sensor:Equipped with outstanding electrical sensor, users don't have to touch anything to use this hand dryer. 

Safer Protection & Hygienic:This auto wall mount hand dryer with build-in heating element 

Unique Design Hand Dryer:Unique radian cutting craft with visible led light decoration

Automatic Bathroom Hand Dryers for Home Industrial, whether you set it up in a restaurant, shopping mall, school or hospital,etc. it is very suitable. It can meet all the needs of people in public places for hygienic and efficient hand drying. If you are interested in this, please contact us as soon as possible!


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